What is The Institute of Legacy Preservation?

The ILP is an organization that has been established to bring to the forefront the often overlooked yet fundamental and foundational component of the infrastructure we build on. Our mission is to edify and fortify the vitality of legacy in spaces and places. We are in the business of honoring and remembering that which was and is that has made a way for what is to come.

We are in the business of legacy.

Our Belief About Legacy

At The ILP we believe legacy is living and breathing as well as the lasting impact, making it a relevant and present consideration within the process of evolution. Legacy is a gift to be shared and stewarded properly with care and concern.

That’s the spirit of The Institute of Legacy Preservation and why we do what we do.

What We Do

At The Institute of Legacy Preservation we create opportunities to highlight and honor legacy. We are dedicated to the recognition and acknowledgement of legacy which is the sustaining structure of what we stand on . The preservation of legacy is what is our concern and commitment.

We endeavor to support and partner with other entities, foundations, organizations or missions that align with this great work.