Our strategy structure is a mixture of educational and experiential with an aim to advocate for and foster acknowledgement and bring awareness to legacy. Our legacy focus is three-fold : Personal, Business and Collective.


At The ILP we understand that the edification of a Personal Legacy is of importance and should be identified and established which is why we have made it apart of our strategy structure. Ultimately our goal is to help persons journey through legacy development with practical resources and recommendations.


Whether it’s for a business or a brand, one of The ILP ‘s top strategies is dedicated to supporting the established legacy of your business and advocating for legacy businesses. Through services, initiatives and programs The ILP is committed to keeping legacy of businesses in mind. Our goal is to ensure that your business identifies its legacy and that legacy businesses can sustain, maintain and thrive.


Collective and Culture Legacy is rooted in the recognition of global , local and universal history. The ILP creates and curates experiences with historical context that endeavors to educate and empower the community. Our overall goal is to share and remember legacy that has shaped collective culture and community throughout history.