Our initiatives are comprised of Projects and Programs that align with our mission to edify and fortify the vitality of legacy in spaces and places.

Detroit’s Black Wall Street (DBWS)

preserving the legacy of black community and black business in America

A commemorative celebration that highlights Metro Detroit’s’ black owned businesses while reimagining Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK. This event endeavors to bring together all communities to collectively appreciate and honor the history and legacy of black businesses by remembering and recognizing their great feats and contributions to communities and the country at large. 

The Legacy Business Program

preserving the legacy of longstanding businesses in communities and cities

The ILPs’ Legacy Business Program serves those long standing, independently owned businesses, organizations and entities that have made significant and strong contributions to their communities and are considered as cultural anchors. The Legacy Business Program was established to acknowledge, celebrate, and advocate for these legacy businesses through promotional, informational, and educational support.

Downtown Detroit Pilot Project
The ILP has implemented a Legacy Business Program to support longstanding businesses that are 30+ years old and strong contributors to the community. We are currently launching a pilot project in Downtown Detroit, MI.