Meet Lauren Stovall

Lauren is the founder and principle of the Institute of Legacy Preservation and is The Legacy Preserver, a title she coined back in 2019. At that time the title was in seed form just used to describe her work with a specific small business in Downtown Detroit. Overtime that title evolved and emerged as an inclusive idea that sparked the fulfillment of a need .

Today, The Legacy Preserver is in bloom through the inception of The Institute of Legacy Preservation. Laurens unorthodox work as The Legacy Preserver has been recognized locally and nationally and affords her an opportunity to share her gifts of service and stewardship. 

“I’ve always had an appreciation and an affection towards the past and history. In fact I innately adore vintage and antique items mainly due to their second to none quality and craftsmanship with a classic and timeless appeal so I believe being The Legacy Preserver is befitting.”

Lauren Stovall

Having studied marketing and political science at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University Lauren acquired skills of capacity building, communication and conceptual thinking that has carried over into her work as The Legacy Preserver. It is perhaps her innate appreciation for things of the past that makes her work authentic and passionate.

Lauren has a mandated mission to increase the appreciation for the former and bring awareness to the former as a foundation for all that is now and new. Legacy is in fact the cornerstone that we build on.

Being guided by truth and insight Lauren works with excellence and diligence and produces impact and increase to those she serves. 


“This was a defining moment of hearing clearly from this young woman who was pouring into our hearts from her heart.  It was apparent from the audience’s response that the need for us to cooperate is indispensable, and time is of the essence in building the key elements for healthy, cordial, profitable succession. I believe Ms. Lauren Stovall is the speaker for such a time as now. She was inspiring and motivating.  Her words gave us direction and hope for a richer tomorrow as community leaders, business owners, managers, and CEOs. It is a privilege to appreciate her potential and capacity.  I was so happy that she said, ‘Yes.’  Thank you so much Ms. Lauren Stovall.” 

Regina A. DuBose, New Author
The Alexis Company